Pilot Scholarship
House Foundation

Providing a “home away from home” for young men and women attending college in Florida.

The Beginning:

Since 1962, the Pilot Scholarship House Foundation, Florida District, Inc. (PSHF) has made it possible for hundreds of students to attend Florida State University in Tallahassee, the University of Florida in Gainesville and Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers.

PSHF is able to make a difference thanks to a unique partnership with the Southern Scholarship Foundation, the organization responsible for the processing of scholarship applications and maintaining the Pilot Scholarship Houses and other scholarship houses located on select Florida college campuses. The PSHF currently assists 61 young women and 16 young men each semester toward their goal of a college education.

What is a Scholarship House?

The Pilot Scholarship Houses are home to 16 to 23 students. Management of each house is by the students themselves. In this cooperative living arrangement, residents take turns planning meals, shopping, cooking and cleaning up after the nightly group dinners. Household duties are assigned and performed by the students weekly. The budgeted cost of food and utilities is shared among the residents, with an average house services bill per student of approximately $950 per semester. This rent-free housing saves each student close to $12,100 each year. Each house is supervised by a House Manager who is an upperclassman selected by the Southern Scholarship

The Pilot Scholarship House Foundation, Inc. (PSHF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation organized in 1962 to provide scholarship opportunities for students attending college in Florida. For 56 years, PSHF has partnered with Southern Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (SSF) to provide cooperative-living scholarship housing for young men & women. PSHF currently sponsors four scholarship houses. A house at Florida Gulf Coast University, a house at Florida State University and two houses at University of Florida provide rent-free housing for 77 young men and women. The housing scholarship saves each student over $13,000 per year in room and board.

In July the Pilot Scholarship House Foundation Board, approved a fundraising campaign to raise $160,000 to sponsor and furnish the Malthouse Pilot House at Florida Gulf Coast University. This will be the second scholarship house at the university and will also be a girl’s house. Mr. Malthouse generously donated funds to SSF for the building of two houses. Pilot’s sponsorship of a second house at FGCU allows SSF to grant scholarships to more young women.

We hope you will consider supporting the Malthouse Pilot House. The Strive for 5 campaign begins today and donations are being accepted. Thank you for those gifts already received. As the scholarship house graduates will attest, the SSF scholarship program is more than a scholarship. Its an education for life.

Board Members:

Suzanne Lester
Pilot Club of Naples
(239) 289 – 8268

President – Elect
Julie Thompson
Pilot Club of Palatka
(386) 546 – 0000

Margaret Reydel
Pilot Club of Fort Lauderdale
(954) 610 – 5274

Kathryn Christmas
Rails 2 Trails Pilot Club
(352) 572 – 7334

DAC Representative
Barbara Keck
Pilot Club of Fort Pierce
(772) 332- 2560

2022 – 2024 Director
Annette Cutchins
Pilot Club Tallahassee
(850) 508-3652

2022-2024 Director
Diana Kingree
Rails 2 Trails Pilot Club
(352) 422-0408

2021 – 2023 Director
Joan Midgett
Space Coast Pilot Club
(813) 920 – 0172

2022-2023 Director
Shirley Pyle
Pilot Club of Halifax Area
(386) 253-5296

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